Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Path to Happiness is Simple

The path to happiness and health is simple and well-worn by those who have gone before. But, it is not easy. It will have challenges and difficulties, and will require assistance from time to time. You cannot leap over it or hop over it. If you try to skip some of it, you’ll just have to go back and do that part again. You have to walk it, step by step. Then, as we have been told for centuries, it becomes a journey that is richest when we focus on where we are now.

Ram Dass says, "Be Here Now." Rabbi Alan Ciner teaches us to spend little time anticipating the destination, and very little time thinking about the past. Rabbi Ciner says, "You should go through life like a deer running through the woods, focused on where you are,  moving as swiftly and deftly as possible, alert to dangers and obstacles, but only occasionally glancing back over your shoulder.”

And, I would add, be sure to take ample time for laughter and humor.

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